Online Category Definitions

Untargeted standard online advertising such as banners, listings (including classified ads), skyscrapers pop-ups, etc.
Display Targeted:
Online display advertising targeted to specific sites, using demographics, segmentation, or other means. Social network advertising is included here.
Paid Search:
Pay-per-click advertising messages that include the purchase of keywords on sites such as Google, Yahoo,, MSN, etc. Directory search type advertising is also included here.
Paid advertisements directed to a list or targeted group of respondents via e-mail, including SPAM. This is the Online equivalent of direct mail.
Online Streaming Video:
Streaming video advertising, including “pre-rolls” and “post-rolls,” paid "infomercial"-type videos, flash-animations and voiceovers.
Online Streaming Audio:
Streaming audio advertising, including voice "infomercial"-type ads, radio-type advertorial broadcasts and voiceovers.