Frequently Asked Questions

What is was conceived by Borrell Associates, the leader in gauging, tracking and forecasting local marketing expenditures by small, medium and large businesses across North America. The idea was fueled by the concept that business owners are faced with a confusing array of marketing opportunities and have thus become confused. is designed to offer guidance in the form of basic information on how much a business should be spending according to size, type and location of that business. It also offers guidance on how those dollars are typically allocated - such as newspapers, radio, online, TV, direct mail, etc.
Why is the service free/How do you make money?
The service follows the new business model of providing something for free - mainly because delivery and distribution costs via the Internet are almost nonexistent - in exchange for creating a relationship that might lead to a business opportunity later. contracts with media or marketing companies who either provide the service free to their customers as a value-added product, or use the contact information to discuss potential business opportunities with site visitors.
How does the service work?
It's very simple. Visitors provide basic information regarding the type of business they own (such as furniture store, auto dealership, dress shop), the number of employees, and their Zip Code. This basic information is used to compile information on how businesses with those same characteristics spend their marketing dollars.
Where does your data/information come from?
The data behind starts with a database of all businesses across North America and adds information from a variety of other sources, including tax records, trade association research, and our own proprietary research of advertising receipts from media companies and expenditures by businesses. The methodology that underpins has been in development for two decades.
How do you know your data/information is reliable? data is used by thousands of media and marketing companies on a regular basis, who provide "in the field" information and feedback that helps us maintain data integrity. The information does not provide exactly accurate information, but rather "modeled" or "average" results based on hundreds of thousands of records that are fed into the database. It is in constant development in accordance with the ever-changing marketing landscape.
Who else uses your data/information?
More than 1,000 media and marketing companies across the U.S. and Canada use this data. They include many major television, newspaper, yellow pages, Internet pure-play, radio and cable companies, as well as ad agencies, investors, and brand marketers.
How will your data/information help my business?
It's never good to underspend or overspend on advertising. Underspending leads to lost business opportunities, and overspending leads to waste. In addition, many advertisers rely heavily on the guidance of trusted local sales reps who unfortunately have a vested interest in selling more of their own product. Those media companies affiliated with are intent on providing independent guidance to advertisers, which leads to better-informed decisions on the appropriate mix of marketing expenditures. In the end, if a business wants to grow, it's going to have to spend money on advertising. provides an important guide to help companies grow their sales.
Can I talk to someone about my report?
Absolutely, there are two opportunities: By clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, you can speak with someone at Borrell Associates if you have basic questions about the methodology or the product itself. Or, when you complete the form containing your contact information, a checked box at the bottom gives permission for someone to contact you. If you're eager to speak with us by phone right away, call Borrell Associates at 757-221-6641, or send an email to
Where does my contact and business information go when I fill out the form?
It is stored on our servers. If you do not give us permission to use the information, it will be purged within six months and you will not be contacted. We store the information to help us understand what types of individuals and businesses are using the information. If you give us permission to use your information, we furnish it to a marketing affiliate who may call you to discuss the report and your marketing needs.
How will my information be used once it is submitted?
We use the information that you furnish to help us understand what types of individuals and businesses are accessing this information. If you give us permission to use your email address and contact information beyond that initial use, we will keep you on our mailing list for marketing-related communications that you might find useful, and we will furnish your contact information to a marketing representative who may contact you to discuss your advertising and marketing needs. You can opt out of the list at any time, in which case your contact information will be permanently removed.