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  • Specify which ad media choices are most popular with businesses like yours, and which have the least use.
  • Determine what levels of spending are typical for businesses like yours in this market.
  • Detect which specific kinds of online ad spending businesses like yours are using.
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What's in Your MediaSpending report? uses information from all the businesses like yours in your own market to determine -- on average -- what they spend on advertising. Averages are midpoints. They seldom indicate exactly what is spent. Instead, they provide an indicator of what's low or high.

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How does the service work?

It's very simple. Visitors provide basic information regarding the type of business they own (such as furniture store, auto dealership, dress shop), the number of employees, and their Zip Code. This basic information is used to compile information on how businesses with those same characteristics spend their marketing dollars.

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Where does your data come from?

The data behind starts with a database of all businesses across North America and adds information from a variety of other sources, including tax records, trade association research, and our own proprietary research of advertising receipts from media companies and expenditures by businesses. The methodology that underpins has been in development for two decades.

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How will this data help my business?

It's never good to underspend or overspend on advertising. Underspending leads to lost business opportunities, and overspending leads to waste. In addition, many advertisers rely heavily on the guidance of trusted local sales reps who unfortunately have a vested interest in selling more of their own product.

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